• 30 April - 4 June 2014

    This spring Ben Brown Fine Arts presents Slumber Song, the first solo exhibition in the UK of contemporary Chinese photographer Chen Wei.

  • 14 March - 18 May 2014
    Price: free

    The interiors depicted in Andrew Morris’ photographs appear calm and contemplative, in a transitory place — somewhere between occupied and vacant. Reading glasses still perched on the windowsill and bedrooms with beds that seem to have been freshly made — you could easily be mistaken in believing the owner has just popped out. Look a little closer and you’ll find something isn't quite right. Wallpaper peeling from the walls, a single photograph on an otherwise empty bookshelf; these are homes in the process of being cleared out, homes that once belonged to someone who has passed away. Morris sensitively captures these scenes which are about more than the remaining possessions. He leads us to consider and reflect upon the ideas of home, family and ownership.

  • 4 April - 10 May 2014
    Price: free

    Robert Capa is the Twentieth Century’s most celebrated war photographer.
    Reporting from five horrific theatres of war – the Spanish Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II in Europe, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the First Indochina War – Capa’s enduring legacy is an extraordinary body of ‘concerned photography’ – deeply felt pictures documenting the human condition.

  • 12 March - 26 April 2014
    Price: free

    Roman Road presents Aida Silvestri; Eritrean-born, London based photographer, who explores controversial and sensitive issues such as identity, ethnicity, culture, politics and the landscape in her work.

  • 20 March - 26 April 2014
    Price: free

    This collection of new works includes a new series of photographs entitled Broadhead’s Women; a collection of studies portraying three generations of women from the artist’s immediate family. Broadhead’s Women hi-jacks the recognisable compositional styles of two historical painters - Johannes Vermeer and Vilhelm Hammershøi, and highlights their similar obsession with repeating a visual format. By mimicking these two iconic compositions, the individual studies in this series, like their subject, are closely related with the difference lying in the subtlest of details.

  • 1 - 18 May 2014
    Price: £7.50

    Drawn from one of the world’s biggest photography competitions, the exhibition showcases work from the very best international contemporary photographers. As one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, the exhibition features across work travel, wildlife, landscape, portraiture, current affairs and more.

  • 15 April - 21 June 2014
    Price: free

    From the moment he started making photographs to the present day, the landscape has captivated Andreas Gursky. This exhibition is the first to focus on a group of important early landscapes from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Predating Gursky’s extensive use of digital technology, and characterised by what the artist has called an ‘extraterrestrial’ perspective, the pictures are titled simply and directly after the geographical location where they were taken.

  • 22 March - 22 June 2014
    Price: Free Entry, Suggested Donation £2

    This exhibition will feature photographic portraits of some of the most iconic stars of the silver screen taken between 1930 and 1950, an era now regarded as the classic period of Hollywood still photography. The exhibition also includes a number of unique behind-the-scenes, informal portraits of stars, taken far from the film set and away from the glare of publicity. The photographs within the exhibition are taken from the renowned John Kobal Collection, now administered by Getty Images.

  • 25 April - 4 June 2014
    Price: free

    The exhibition of a long-term photographic project of a journey into the culture and visual representation of a 93 mile stretch of historic “A” road. Bricked up buildings, road side cafes, open fields, waitresses, KFC, Stonehenge Solstices and a human encroachment that depicts all that is English and all that is traditional along this famous southern road.

  • 2 May - 6 July 2014
    Price: free

    Regeneration is a survey of work by six image-makers both emerging and established, who are pushing the boundaries of photography. These artists represent a diverse group of curious experimentalists who in their individual ways are propelling the medium’s evolution. All of these artists share an interest in the sculptural potential of the photographic print and they illustrate a growing trend within the photographic medium. The exhibition includes works by John Stezaker, Julie Cockburn, Tom Butler, Gerald Slota, Holly Roberts and Virginia Echeverria.