Colm McCarthy, Sebrina Fassbender, Liz Mares
17 - 23 February 2011

The Viewfinder Photography Gallery proudly presents “American Girl,” an exhibition featuring the work of three American photographers who have turned their focus on female subjects from their homeland.

This intimate portrait of a girl takes many faces through Liz Mares' surreal, abstract studies of inner and outer beauty, McCarthy's depictions of isolation and loneliness, and Fassbender's documentary-style images of New York sex workers. The photographs by McCarthy, Fassbender and Mares coalesce in a striking, troubling and brutally honest portrayal of American women.

© Colm McCarthy

© Liz Mares

© Sebrina Fassbender

American Girl exhibition is supported by Firecracker Studios.

Venue: Viewfinder Photography Gallery, London
Price: Free
Associated event: SLAM LAST Fridays Launch