This event allowed photographs to be presented in a completely new way – with the photographers interacting with the gallery space, and holding their work up themselves for exhibition visitors.

Participants could bring anything (from a blanket to a bench) to sit on while holding their print (any size, framed or unframed) for gallery visitors to see, alongside the current exhibition.

‘Sit-in’ accompanied Annett Reimer’s exhibition Symbiosis, in which she presents a series of photographs in which she interacts with furnishings: rolling herself up in a rug, arranging her legs around a sofa and wrapping her body around a pedestal.

Following this half hour ‘Sit-in’ exhibition, participants had the opportunity to take part in a print swap.

"This promises to be genuinely original and interactive, so should be an interesting afternoon for both photographers and spectators alike"

Location: Greenwich, London
Associated exhibition: Symbiosis